pondelok, 20. augusta 2012

On one summer day..
Yesterday we went with my friend Alex to McCafe to study. I was studying Korean and Alex was studying French. Since it was on the other side of the city we had to take bus to come back home. The latest bus was at 8pm so we couldnt really stay there for long time. But at least i got my ice americano and Alex got her caramel frappe. So we were happy :D
In the evening we decided to clean our faces a bit. So we tried egg face mask. Well, it was really stinky but today is my face so soft so im satisfied :D I think we should organize such a days more often ^ㅂ^

utorok, 7. augusta 2012

Small shopping
There was one t-shirt i fell in love with at the House store. So today my mom gave me money to go to buy it. But of course i finished not with only one t-shirt. I bought two. 
This one with 'green' England flag is really nice. Its the one i fell in love with. It was love at the first sight that i said i just must have it :D 
The other one is light cream color. Its really simple but very pretty. I like the button on the left side:)

Well i know they will have sale very soon as they usually do, but i just wanted to already buy it. Next time i will buy mustard-white over sized sweater and other clothes from new collection. But in this case i will wait for sale :D

piatok, 3. augusta 2012

Conference in Bratislava
Last week we had Central Europe conference and many people from all over the Europe came. It was whole weekend. It was really nice. We stayed in hotel at the part of Bratislava where i was first time in my life haha.
People there were really nice and kind so atmosphere was really good:) We were listening speech from many of them and even i had my speech on sunday morning. Everyone's speech was in english, because not everyone can speak korean. But my was in Korean. I was talking why i like Korea. Im really wondering who was making video i would really like to see it ^^
Also on saturday evening we had special program where people from each countries prepared some presentation. For example people from Croatia were wearing traditional clothes from Croatia and were singing Croatian folk songs. People from Czech were dancing polka (well it was funny to see Korean people dancing polka. Of course cute haha) etc. We were singing also. Dancing too. We were singing Slovak folk songs called Cervene jablcko a Horela lipka. And then we were dancing Secret's Shy boy. OMG! It was so so bad. Well i didnt want to do it first and i was protesting a lot but people made me to do it. Other people said it was cute. Well......
Anyway I was glad i was invited to this conference. It was nice and people i met there were really nice. 
Hope to see them again very soon:)
we - kids all together:)

utorok, 31. júla 2012

So yesterday was my birthday. Well, i didnt do any party or something. I met my girls and it made the day special:)
We had some coffee, then we went to eat pizza later.. later.. omg..
Anyway it was really nice. Also we had some girls talk. I got awesome super duper cute note and photo album and then accessories! Necklace and ring with owl. Someone know my obsession haha :D
Awesome time with my awesome friends! 

Thank you! 
Love you!

štvrtok, 12. júla 2012

Back to Slovakia
So 3 weeks ago i came back home. Say the truth i still didnt get used to it.. 
When i just got off the airplane and saw my mom i said "hi mom, i wanna take the first plane that will go back to Seoul now". So now i will just do my best to go back as soon as possible. Well, i will go back for sure, but i dont know yet. But in march next year i want to go to univ in Korea. I already choose which univ. I want to apply for MyeongJi university majoring in History or Korean language and literature. I didnt decide yet. My friend said History department at MyeongJi is easy. And other friend said Korean language and literature is difficult. Well, lets see:)
I miss my friends from Seoul so much! Also my lovely Korean aunt! At least we keep in touch still now. Also my Norwegian friend and others. I hope to see all of them very soon. Hoping to see them in Korea again. But the most i miss my boyfriend. Even tho we keep in touch everyday its so hard since his work makes him so busy. I can't wait for him coming to Europe^^ 
And what am i doing these days in Slovakia? Literally NOTHING. It makes me crazy. Well, i study some more Korean and i have conference next week from Korean embassy and since i can speak Korean they want me to make presentation for all the professors that will come here. Already now im really nervous! Me and speaking in front of many people doesnt match together. Not just my whole body but also my voice is shaking so much. Still i will do my best, wish me luck!
at least i have my lovely dog here:)

piatok, 15. júna 2012

Top of the Seoul
Yesterday i went with my aunt to get a massage and to 63 building. I went there already few times but she didnt go there for long time so we decided to go there. My friend work there so we could see Sea world for free. When he saw we bought tickets for going upstairs to 60th floor he told me im stupid that he could give it us for free. Am i? haha well i thought he could only let us go to Sea world. Anyway.. :D
There was girl and she was doing show with seal or whats that. Seriously they were like dogs, when you train dog and then you tell him to do something he do that. I was really surprised cuz i really didnt have idea you can even train something like seal!

First in the morning before going to 63 building we went to get a massage near my aunt's home. First i was scared because everyone says its so painful in Korea. OK well, it was not the same like you are enjoying the feeling while you are getting the massage, it hurts, but not as much as people say. You can stand it. And after that you feel so relaxed. Say the truth my shoulders got much better! I didnt even feel i have it at all.. So nice feeling hehe
Then we went to her daughter's home where we had lunch. Also her daughter's friends came with their children. They are soooo lovely and cute! Even her daughter is so lovely!
We had so nice time. But playing with children is so tiring that we all just fell asleep in the end :D
And when we woke up me and my aunt went to 63 building. 
We went to see Sea World and then we went up to 60th floor. View from there is amazing. It looks everything so small! And if you go when its dark outside its even more beautiful!

sobota, 9. júna 2012

Part of HongDae
Last time when i went with my friend to HongDae i just randomly took some pics of stores that are on my fav street. Usually when i go to HongDae i go to this street cuz there are a lot of pretty and cute coffee shops. We went to one chocolate shop that is there. It's pretty famous and always full. But the chocolate is so delicious so im not surprised that its famous. My fav is hot choco with vanilla icecream and Choco cake in cup. I always get this one when i go there.

  But not just that, also a lot of clothes stores are there. Most of clothes in those stores are handmade (well, at least the owners of the stores says that^^) or vintage. But the clothes are so lovely and cute that i wanna just buy all! Seriously, i wanna be rich :D 
Look at the pics! Isn't it lovely?