štvrtok, 30. júna 2011

@ Chocolate shop

Today in the morning i went with my dog to see the doctor. He had problem with his leg.. again.. so we just had to go. Doctor made him sleep because he had to check if he had something inside, but luckily there was nothing. So he just cleaned his leg after he opened. Now my dog is okay and im so happy for that. But he act like he would be scared.. poor doggy :(
.. and after lunch time we went with my best friend and my sister to chocolate shop in our hometown. You know the typical chocolate store that looks like coffee shop but they have chocolate.. it was PERFECT! Chocolate was sooo delicious. I had milk choco with banana and strawberry, my friend had milk choco with banana and bueberries and my sister had just milk one. Im sure i will come back again soon. I really missed something like this in my hometown..
Here are some pics so check it out:)

streda, 29. júna 2011


Its about 3:30 in the morning, i cant sleep.. Today my bro told me he saw grasshopper in my room. Yeah everything would be nice, but when i asked him if he killed it or just throw it away he said no because he was late to meet his friend so he had to go.. WHAT A IGNORANT! Im scared to be in my room and i hear sound of that all over my room and im not sure if its comming from outside or where.. im going crazy. so scared! the big one can bite!!! im scared to be in my room, not even sleep here! thanks bro. really good job..

nedeľa, 26. júna 2011

Just random..

When i was in Korea, i've sent some cosmetics to my mom.. but my mom cant speak korean, even english that much, i had to translate which cream, mask etc is for what type of skin etc :))

-box full of stuff-

-some cute creams & BB cream etc. from Etude House-

-Skin Food-

-the SEAM-

piatok, 24. júna 2011

Shopping ♥

today i went to pick up my mom and sis from hospital and on the way home we stopped by department store:)
of course, as a women, we did small shopping with my mom ^^
there is some stuff i bought::

cute t-shirts with doll

some accessories

this i bought for my best friend.. she was looking for ones but she couldnt find. so i found and bought :D
@ Bershka

and i bought this blouse with flowers:)

and this is my BEST.. i totally fell in love with those shorts so i just had to buy:)

and next i bought this body milk. its one of my fav, smell so good:)
♥ rapsberry

this is just random.. my sis & me.. 
my sis just tried random hat @ C&A ..& me while waiting for my mom, she was trying some clothes:)

& all sutff i bought @ Stradivarius [love that store] *^^*

štvrtok, 23. júna 2011

Very first post..

Well.. im gonna do this just cuz im bored so dont expect anything big :D
nice to meet you anyway.. *^^*
maybe i should introduce myself first? well my name is Simona, friends call me Ashley.. im from Slovakia, but these days i study korean language in South Korea @ Yonsei university:)
now i came back home for summer vacation.. i wanna enjoy my time with my best friend as much as i can:)
and im soooo happy that im with my dog again kkkkk :D

he is cute, isnt it? :D