nedeľa, 24. júla 2011

Chocolate Brown

First time since i came back home from Korea i dyed my hair. Finally i bought colour i wanted, but i couldnt find in Korea. Well they had but korean colour didnt work with my hard.. cuz of different structure of hair..
So i got chololate brown now! i really wanted this colour..
Now there is some new kind - foam. its acutally really nice! i tried for the first time and i fell in love with  that. its so easy to use and there is a looooot of foam to use:D

Just close the bottle - dont shake! just once turn up and down and thats it:)
leave 30min and then rinse with luke warm water^^

Then use this conditioner as the last

And i bought new shampoo - my fav - Gliss Kur. its really good! i think its the best for hair, at least for mine.
they are so shiny and look nice after using this.. im so in love with that^^* 

 i bought also mask with the shampoo.. so so nice and smell so so good:)) Gliss Kur will be just always my number one for my hair hehe

štvrtok, 21. júla 2011

Today we were watching movie with my BFF - According to Greta with Hilary Duff.
The movie was/is so AMAZING. i just love her, movies with her, her songs etc.
When we were younger, we used to be freaks about Hilary Duff and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Since we are missing those times, we wanted to remember some of those moments so we watched this movie today.
I loved her character in the movie. She is so cool there. A bit rude tho lol. And i love her diary she still care around :) Well, she wanted to kill herself and she wrote there TO DO LIST before she die.
There was also guy she fell in love with (Julie, played by Evan Ross). He is just so cute:))
If you didnt see this movie, you can try. Its worth to watch it ^^*

Became one of my fav movies...

sobota, 16. júla 2011


Today, i went to Bratislava again. Me and my friends went to see my Korean mum and practice for the event "MY STAGE" that is gonna be held at Bratislava castle on Sep 23rd. My Korean mum is teacher who has korean language course and im helping her with that to teach my friends who are attending the course:)
 My friend Mia came to pick me up from the train station. Then we went to buy something to eat for breakfast and went to pick up other friend Elena. At her apartment we ate our breakfast and went to take the bus. 
When we arrived to our target, we met the last girl of our group - Denisa. We were wondering if we are at the right place. Then we saw some man waving at us. So he opened door for us and we came in..

First we decided to prepare some food. We made Kimbab. It was really delicious. While we were preparing food we were watching Korean drama Playful Kiss with Kim HyunJoong. 
Then we decided to practice our song for the event. We are gonna sing Korean traditional song Arirang, wearing  Korean traditional dress - Hambok.
We decided to play some theater in the beginning and in the end we are gonna sing. So im main character. I will be as a Korean girl. One guy fell in love with her but she doesnt even care about him. Its gonna be like typical korean drama, but we wanna make it really funny :D 
im curious anyway... ^^*

me, Denisa, my korean mommy and Elena

my cute lovely korean mommy cooking:)

So in the end my korean daddy drived me home by his card. We were talking in korean all the way. He was so surprised how i improved my korean skills! in fact, me too :D
i still dont understand how i was able to speak korean like that.. haha

nedeľa, 10. júla 2011

Trip to Bratislava..

I didnt post anything here cuz.. ok im gonna be honest - i was lazy :D
On wednesday we went with my best friend to Bratislava - capital city of Slovakia. First we went to coffee shop to het some coffee. It was really nice we tried Greece Frappe which was really tasty. 
I cant explain the taste tho.. it had so creamy coffee taste.. Tasty anyway..kkk

We went to asian store and bought some stuff. The guy who works there know me and since he knew i went to Korea, he automaticly asked me if i can speak korean well now [in Korean] lol i told him that my korean just got better, but i cant speak that well yet..
Then we went to near department store and checked some clothes etc.. it was nice:)

Then later we went to Korean Language meeting at some coffee shop - that was the reason we went to Bratislava. It was awkward first cuz we were shy to even join them. But then somehow we joined. It was really nice and people were so kind. There were two Korean women, then one Turkish woman, one Slovak girl, one Slovak guy and then me with my friend. And in the end.. im going next week to explain korean pronounciation to other students who study Korean because those Korean ladies liked my pronounciation. Its gonna be interesting. Im kinda nervous haha
Then after the meeting, we just went to train station, took the train and come back home:)
Here are some more pics from that day... 

it was nice day

nedeľa, 3. júla 2011

Rainy day & Crazy girls

Today it has been raining for whoooole day..
But it cannot stop us! me and my best friend Sasa just have to meet and hang out no matter what.. first we went to city center and we ate lunch. we are brocolli pizza which was really delicious and its worth to try!
then we went to cake shop and we ate "top milk cream glass" as a desert which was also really tasty..
then we wanted to go to some kind of shopping centre but it was raining too much and we were without umbrella so we just had to go to close department store and we just went to coffee shop.. after drinking coffee we went to market and bought some mixed vodka drink. there was written mojito flavour. okay, to be honest, it didnt even walk aroung mojito, but it was good.. :D so we went to my friend's house and were watching some T-ARA's performances, ate some toast and went out again.. there we sat on the random bus stop and opened our trying-to-be-mojito-drink..
weather was terrible but the day was funny! :)


 doesnt she look like Baek Seung Jo's mom? :D

 our vodka mixed drink with trying-to-be-mojito flavour

..just have to repeat soon :D

On a visit..

On day before yesterday i went to visit my dad and my grandparents with my brother.. nothing special happened there, just normal visit.. we were picking some apricots since its season already. they are so fresh!
My grandma has also two dogs, one big and one small. i love the small one, i always play with her! she is so cute.. young and crazy:)
& in the evening i met my best friend and we were walking, walking, walking all over the town and talking about girl stuff and last summer.. missing those times..

my bro picking apricots :D