sobota, 20. augusta 2011


Do you know Korean food Bibimbab? So delicious! First time when I've heard about it i was like oh its just rice with vegetable it's not even interesting. But one day i tried and i was surprised! So nice! And since that day it's one of my favorite food. 
One day we decided to try our self-made bibimbab during the course instead of studying. 
For our surprise it ended up really good and food was amazing!:)
Thanks to my korean mommy! 

What do you need? Vegetable, vegetable and vegetable.. and rice of course and korean spicy pepper sauce:)

Kimchi! I'm in love with that. Who knows at least a bit about korean culture they can know they can't live without kimchi. well, me neither :D

Tada~~ how does it look like?:P

Let's celebrate a bit

This is a bit older occasion. Anyway.. 
Less than 3 weeks ago was my birthday. To celebrate a bit we decided to go to eat dinner with the girls that attend Korean language course in Bratislava. They are so nice and I really enjoy and appreciate time with them!
They took me to their favorite restaurant. We are pizza. Well, it was my first time in my life that I ate whole pizza by myself and still till now I can't believe I really did it.. I'm such a pig oh my gosh!:D
But it was so damn delicious!
We were also drinking super duper delicious lemonade. It was mix of all kinds of syrup and juice. From vegetable to fruit ones. Really nyam:D

piatok, 19. augusta 2011

streda, 17. augusta 2011

- Everyone loves massage -

It's been a long time since my last post.
Well say the truth i was just lazy or i was busy doing something. I attend korean course, but i go there just to help my korean mommy:)

OK to the point.. two weeks ago my classmate from high school invited me to her house. We've studied massage at school and now she has her own massage salon at her house. It's really nice there, small, but nice:) Of course i had to try!^^
So she gave me massage that i was missing whole year while i was in Korea and then i gave her massage back:) I felt sooo refreshed! She is really good at massage.. not like me hahaha i forgot almost everything what i've learned at high school..
I wanted to take massage also in Korea but everyone says its so strong there so i got scared and i didnt go haha:D
I'm sure i will have to visit my friend again before going back to Korea.. my back hurts again..

Here are some pics from her massage salon:)

Im in love with her pool in her garden..^^*

sobota, 6. augusta 2011

shopping shopping shopping

well, everyone of you love shopping. im sure! me too of course haha. These days i shop too much i think. Wasting of money.. but im so happy when i buy something new :D
what i bought these days? Let's start with accessories:)

earrings and belt i bought at House

bag i also bought at House. I really liked it so I just had to buy haha
well, i wanted one for a long time. brown small where i put just wallet, keys and cellphone:)
and chewing gums kkkkk:D

these earrings i bought at Orsay when i was in Praha:)
 VEST, VEST, VEST, VEST....................
i love vests that i put on tshirt, shirt etc:) so i bought two on the last days:)
The white one i bought in Promod and the black one  in Zara. The white one was love at the first sight so i just had to buy:D the black one i saw already before but i was like hm yeah i can live without that.. but then i came to Zara next time and i was like why i didnt buy it before? hahaha.. :D

What's next?
I bought two blouses at Tally Weijl in Praha. I really love to wear them:)

 Then some trousers.. White one from Promod, black from Stradivarius and white shorts i bought in Kenvelo.

 Normal black tshirt i bought in H&M to wear with my white vest that i bought :D

 3 tshirts from ZARA. Im so in love with them!:)

 This black one is really nice.. and my best friend and my brother said it's tshirt made just for me - because of the quote written there.. ehm.. im not that bad.. but yeah i know hot to annoy hahaha :D
and in the end my the most fav oversized sweater! its so damn comfortable. and sorry for my narcistic moment but i like me wearing that haha
i was thinking between this one or grey-white one. I even asked my friend which one to choose. Even if he said he like the grey one i bought blue one. It looks more alive or how to say that:))
i love it the most of all my clothes i think:P

..ahh i wanna go shopping again

streda, 3. augusta 2011


Last weekend i went to Praha. It was really amazing! I think Praha is the best city in Europe. Say the true, i like Praha more than for example London:)
I was there for 3 days and i did shopping everyday so im happy lol
I went with my family and then i met my friend from Italy and other friend from Korea. They came together to Praha so we met. I was so happy to see them again. We used to study at the same school in Korea. It was so nice meeting. Im missing them now ㅜㅜ

This is so delicious! It's called 'trdelnik' you should eat it at least once in your life its amazing^^
we went to restaurant with girls and this is view from restaurant's window.. isnt it amazing?:) 

 with my sis and.. ghost:D
 Also we went with my family to Sea World in Praha. Well, it was not that big but it was nice tho. But compared to COEX aquarium i went to in Seoul it was nothing haha^^* but i saw here bubble fish:D

& some of the city..
me on the Charle's bridge
 At local coffee shop i drunk really nice capuccino:)
 My mom has bought awesome coat at Desigual. Im so in love with that. Dont look at my face on the pic pls i look like idiot lol
이번 여름에 다시 프라하에  갈수 있으면 좋겠당~