štvrtok, 8. septembra 2011

Trip to Vienna


It was maybe two weeks ago when i went to Vienna. My Korean friend I met in Seoul was traveling around Europe [envy] and when he had stop in Vienna, I joined him. It was really nice, I love Vienna so i was happy that i went there again:) from my hometown it takes about one hour and half. 
Actually, i would never believe we can meet also in Europe. At first we was about to stay two nights, but then we stayed just for one night. Cuz in the morning was raining so my friend was like "Let's go to your home", so we went since its really near. 
We stopped by in Bratislava to get som beer. You just cant imagine his face when he saw price of beer. 1.30euro for big draft beer? :D His expression was unforgettable. Then we came to my hometown and there, beer is even cheaper. Well, not just beer. Sure, Slovakia is well known as a country where alcohol is so so danm cheap:D
Anyway, Vienna was really nice! I hope to go there again ASAP!:)