štvrtok, 20. októbra 2011

Seoul life

I'm kinda bored so i decided to write something. It has been already almost one month since i came to Korea. It's amazing here, of course. I meet my friends everyday, we hang out and have some fun. 
Many funny things happened, but also bad. But i just have to get over it.
Well, these days is mid-term period so also me, as a student, have exams and have to study really hard. It's so boring but i wanna be really good in korean so  just HAVE TO study. But i can see my korean skills got much better so i'm really proud of myself haha.  
These days weather is so nice. It's around 18-20 degrees so it's warm and really nice:) 
Oh, today i joined K-pop dancing class :D it's gonna be fun i really can't wait. finally at least im gonna do something cuz i feel like im not doing anything.. at all.. so something like that will be really good for me and my health haha .. 

Last weekend we went to King Sejong museum with my friend. I already went there and i really liked it so i decided to take there also my friend. 
She really liked it and we had nice day. I don't know why but that day many people wanted to take picture with us it was so funny! Kind Sejong's museum is located in Gwanghwamun on B1 floor under the Kind Sejong's statue. I really hope to go there again soon:)

utorok, 11. októbra 2011

being happy once again..

i'm living my dream again. i'm here again. i'm in SEOUL again! i wouldn't believe time flies so fast. i remember when i went to the airport to go back home. it feels like i would never be at home for 3 months.
even if it's not exactly the same like it used to be. i'm so happy to be back. i met my friends again! i felt so lonely back home without them. but here, i miss my lovely friend Stephanie. 
okay so.. let's move on.
yesterday me, my friends cole and lene went to Seoul forest [서울숲]. it was amazing! it was so quiet and nature was beautiful. we just fell in love with that. and now.. we just wanna live there haha.. not like homeless of course lol
here are some photos:)
isn't it cute? haha

with my friend Cole:)

that slide was so cool. i wanted to try but my friend told me im old and  people are looking :D

those fishes were scary really! but there was gold fish also. i made wish hoping it will come true  lol