streda, 30. novembra 2011

study study study!

Well, these days i feel like i dont to anything else just sleep and study. This time im on exam period do i have to study hard.with my friend we go to coffee shop everyday and study till midnight. Its really crazy. I hope at least my korean will get better :P
I had already one exam on monday and i have two more on friday and other two next week monday. I wish it pass soon and i have holiday! On 8th december school finish and we have holiday for one month! Im so excited!
With my classmate Galim we set the list of places in Seoul we want to visit in Seoul durinf holiday. Since its already kinda cold outside we have no plan to go somewhere far from Seoul.
First place we want to visit it Namsangol hanok village. Im so excited! I saw pictures and it looks wonderful:)

Today i bought new socks :D it was so lovely when i saw it i just had to buy :D Isnt it sweet? haha sorry xD 

Also today we went to eat dinner with Galim. After long time i ate albab again! Its really delicious! Its like bibimbab but japanese version. It means there is seafood. nomnomnom! ^^*

pondelok, 28. novembra 2011

Lee GyooWon [이규원] hairstyle

So i decided! I will get back my chocolate brown hair color and i will cut my hair. 
I really liked hair style of Park ShinHye in Heartstrings. So I decided to get it

. Maybe i will regret it later but lets see. I hope im gonna look at least a bit like a person haha.
She is really pretty and cute so she looks really nice with this kind of hairstyle. I wish i look like her haha. Last time when i went to hair dresser here in Seoul she told me this kind of hair style is popular here these days. So i hope they can do it well! (。◕‿◕。) 
Wish me luck haha

I think Park ShinHye and Jung YongHwa would be really nice cute couple in real! They suits to each other very well! (^◡^) Don't you think so? 

So as soon as i get package from my mom with hair color (korean ones doesnt work with european type of hair) i will go to hair dresser and cut my hair. Let's see how its gonna look ^^

nedeľa, 27. novembra 2011

Day with my teacher..

Yesterday i met my language tutor teacher after long time. I really like to spend time with her. She is so nice person. Im so happy that i applied for this program. I could meet really good person:)
When we met yesterday we went to Garosugil. There we went to eat dinner and get some coffee after. We had dinner at b!biGo restaurant. It was really nice. I ate first time this kind of bibimbab. I was surprised it was so delicious. The guy who was working there came to us with polaroid asaking if he can take picture of us. Of course we said yes. Then he came again and he said to put the picture at the noticeboard next to the entrance to the restaurant. But we said we want to keep the picture xD
Then when we went out we looked at the notice board and there were pictures of TigerJK, CL form 2NE1 and other stars.. it would be so awkward if we put there our picture haha xD
And they even gave us cups. It was really nice!
i like the butterfly picture inside:)

Then after dinner we went to get a coffee to Japanese bakery. My teacher told me its really famous in Japan and this one we went to is the only one in Korea. Name of the bakery is Tokyo Panya. I bought there also one bread. There was chocolate inside and it was so yummy:)
Also while we were drinking coffee waitress came and brought us cake. It was nice banana roll cake! We enjoyed our time there and talked about many things. Of course sometimes it was awkward when i wanted to say something but i couldnt since we always talk just in Korean and i dont cant remember word sometimes xD When we finished our coffee we decided to go home. Before we left we bought our bread that we took home. The weitress gave us also bag, that normally sells for 20.000won which is around 15euro. My teacher said all this stuff we get was because of me because im foreigner. Haha i dont know if its true but its funny. If its true i should visit Garosugil more often haha! Its one of the most famous streets in Seoul. Also its one of the most expensive part of Seoul, thats why there is really easy to meet some actors or singers.
My classmate from last semester used to go there everyday and she met there starts like No MinWoo or Big Bang's Daesung or G-dragon.
bibimbab with black rice. yummy!:)

my chocolate angry lion bread :D

Cooking class at school

이번주 화요일에 요리 수업 있었어요!우리는 제육 주물럭을 만드렀어요!  정말 맛있었서 다음에 집에서도 하기로 했어요^^

This week Tuesday we had cooking class at school. We were cooking grilled spicy pork tenderloin. It was really delicious so i decided to make it at home next time. 
Im sure if you eat it, you would love it. Even tho it looks spicy it was really not. It was really nice!
Here is recipe:

Main ingredients:
-150g pork tenderloin
-150g kimchi 2mm thickness
-10ea blanched garlic
-Regular oil 1 tea spoon
-10ea korean lettuce

Sauce for meet: 
- 2 table spoons of pepper sauce
- 2 tea spoons of red pepper powder
- 1 tea spoon of soy sauce
- 2 table spoon of cooking liquor
- 1 table spoon of corn syrup
- 1 tea spoon of sugar
- 1 tea spoon of ginger juice
- pinch of black pepper

1. Marinate the pork tenderloin at least 30mins
2. Wash and remove any excess water of the Sesame leaves. Slice into 2cm thickness.
3. Salted boiling water, blanch the garlic for about one and forty minutes and cool down in cold water bath. Strain any excess water.
4. Wash the kimchi and squeezed any excess water. Flavoring a little sesame oil.
5. In a medium-heated pan slowly cook the marinated pork meat until meat turns to cooked color.
6. Present with blanched garlic and sliced lettuce with pork meat.

result should look like this

some more pics from cooking class:)

with Alice - my classmate and cooking partner :D
with our cooking teacher:)

sobota, 19. novembra 2011

(✿◠‿◠) STICKERS!

I'm in love with diary stickers! It's so cute and lovely! And in Korea you can buy really all kinds of those stickers that you can't even imagine :)
I have some but still i want more more more! I love to decorate my scheduler with that.
Yesterday i bought 3 new sheets and i'm so happy for that. I just can't help but when i see stickers at store I just have to buy it.. maybe i'm crazy? haha

isn't it lovely? (◑‿◐) 

너무 추워! SO COLD!

These days in Korea is suddenly really cold. During the day time is still okay, but in the evening i feel like freezing! I dont know why it's so cold. I still don't have winter jacket haha
But i bought nice shirt, scarf and sweater. When i saw it it was love at the first sight :D
And even since i love stuff with owls i jsut had to buy it. 
so this is it! 
sweater is amazing! its huuuuuge. i feel like swimming in it seriously but thats why i love it so much!
여러분 감기 조심하세요!^^* take care to not catch a cold!

Gyeongbokgung palace [경복궁]

Yesterday me and my classmate had nothing to do so we decided to go on 'date':D
We were thinking where to go, but in the end we went to Gyeongbokgung palace. It's the main and largest palace of the five grand palaces from Joseon dynasty. It has 6 gates, the main one is called Gwanghwamun and in front of this gate is also located big statue of King Sejong the Great where in the underground is also King Sejong's museum .
Well, i went to Gyeongbokgung few times already, but yesterday it was the best! we had a lot of fun and took many pictures! Since its one of my fav places in Seoul i hope to go there soon again :)

This is called Gyeonghoeru [경회루] pavilion. It's my very fav part of Gyeongbokgung

Seoul lantern festival 2011

These days there is Lantern festival in Seoul. I went also last year, its really amazing! This year i went with my classmate. We enjoyed the festival so much. I hope i will be able to see it also next year.. and next year.. and next year... :)
I wish everyone could see it.. its really beautiful! 

utorok, 15. novembra 2011

We went to Music Bank!

So.. last friday i went to Music Bank. For a long time i wanted to go to some music show. Finally i went. I went with my friend Cole because Wonder Girls had comeback stage. Entrance was kinda free, you just need to have CD of group that is participating in show. Of course my friend is so in love with Wonder Girls, so we bought their CD to get in. Wonderful (WG fanclub) were so nice to us and performance was really nice. When they were performing G.N.O they were doing it 4 times! I really didnt expect this way of filming the show. They like perform many times and for TV they just cut the best parts. And the stage was soooo small! Honestly, i was really surprised. Also i've been always wondering how those girls always know what to shout. Now i finally know! Before the show they give you a paper with lyrics of the song. Those words that are underlined you just shout. 
Frankly, i never thought i would ever buy Wonder Girls CD, not even do something with their fanclub. 
After all, it was nice experience and day. After the show they had some event, if they called your number, you got some prize, like signed stuff etc. They showed signed poster and my friend said "OMG i would die!" right after he said that they called his number and he got that. I was laughing so much! But i'm really happy for him. For him its like his dream came true. He loves WG so much. In that moment i was so proud of him:)

Waiting till the show start