streda, 21. decembra 2011

Changing of the Royal Guard [왕궁수문장교대의식]

It was not that long time ago that we went to pick up our book that we ordered at Kyobo book store. Since we were in Myeong-Dong we had to take subway to go there. To dont need to transfer we just get off in the tranfer station and decided to go by walk from there since it was not that far. 
When we were walking near Deoksu palace they were changing the guards. Well, it was one of  the most beautiful thing i saw in my life. They change guards every day except monday at 14.00~15.30 in front of Daehanmun (the main gate of the palace). The thing what i like about this palace is location. You can see nice contrasts traditional buildings with modern Seoul all around. And the entrance fee is just 1000won which is not even 1euro. It's the smallest palac but its very pretty. I've been there already once with my friend last year but we decided to go again with my friend Galim very soon. 

video by me

Children Museum & Seoul National Folk Museum

Last week we went with my friend Galim to Seoul national folk museum. It's located in area of Gyeongbok palace but last time we went there we couldnt see all because they were already closing. Still we didn't see everything so I have plan to go there soon again ^^ If you go to Gyeongbokgung you need whole day because its huge! You need to go since morning its really really huge!:) And i still didn't see Hyangwonjeong pavilion in real so i need to go there soon again really really soon^^ I think its the most beautiful part of whole huge Gyeongbokgung (second is Gyeonghoeru)
Hyangwonjeong pavilion
Anyway back to the museum. First we came to folk museum that is outside, But right next to is Children museum so we went to look inside. It was pretty nice. And there were too many children they were so cute. I love how Koreans teach their kids to Korean culture since very young age ^^
Even we could play Korean traditional games in front of museum:)


pondelok, 5. decembra 2011

Hanyak market [한약시장]

Last week saturday we went with my friend to Hanyak market. It's market with all dry stuff like fruit, sesame-kind stuff, etc .. Of course they have also some fresh fruit. Or they also sell some korean snacks and rice cakes. They were so cheap there! So we bought some:)
It was really nice but since foreigner dont usually go there everyone was staring at me. It was so funny when my friend told me "Simonka, you are so popular everyone is looking at you" 
Anyway we went there because i wanted to buy goji. Well, it was more expensive than i thought! The imported one was not that expensive, but the one from Korea was really expensive. Anyway eating this is really good for one's health. It's said as the most healthy fruit in the world. With my mom we used to eat it everyday in summer. My mom really love that^^