piatok, 10. februára 2012

생일추카 친구야~
Few weeks ago was my friend birthday.
We went to eat lunch together. We were thinking where to go but then i remembered one nice Greek restaurant near by here. The restaurant is so nice, it doesnt really look like restaurant, atmosphere is more like in cute coffee shop^^ and food is really nice and tasty:)
First time when i went there was with my teacher. She said that restaurant has been there for 5 years already. Frankly, i was really surprised because in Korea nothing last long haha they close everything after very short time.. reminds me of closing my fav bakery and coffee shop.. anyway.
we ordered menu set. even tho it doesnt look like that, it made us really full.
it was pretty tasty^^
I would say which one was the best, but all was really nice!^^