pondelok, 26. marca 2012

Goodbye (再见) means we will meet again..
I know we will. When we met in september first time i didnt think we would become so close. During those 6 months together we became best friends. When u came to classroom and i saw you i though 'oh what a cute girl'. Then when you worked at the sticker pictures store as a part timer and i was randomly walking around, then i came to visit you and we were talking for long time. And then few days later we had cultural classes at school and we took our first picture together
Then next day we went to eat lunch together to japanese restaurant near my old home. Thats how we were getting closer more. Since that day we were together everyday. Hanging out, studying etc. And then there was Acting contest at school. We did parody for Harry Potter how he came to Yonsei magic school. It was so funny! I really miss that time. We were 3 Harrys. Me, you and Myongho. I will never forget!
And then after few days there was Lantern festival in Cheonggyecheon. It was our first 'date' and it was really nice. After the festival we went to eat chinese food in restaurant near by. It was few months ago, but it seems like it would be yesterday..
Few days later, we went to Gyeongbokgung. The weather was awesome, it was not cold, not hot. Just perfect for visit some nice place. Gyeongbokgung is my favorite place in Seoul and im so happy we went there together. Even it was autumn so threes were so colorful. It was really pretty. Even taking pictures there that time was really nice cuz of the pretty nature. 
Then weather was getting colder and colder. And exam period.. We spent at Lattette everyday studying. We were studying like nerds that time because of final exams. You know how much i dont like studying and memorizing words is for me hell. But studying with you was always so nice. If i didnt know the word, i asked you and you told me. If u didnt know the grammar you asked me and i told you. And of course i will never forget about your snack - carrot^^
After exams came vacation and Christmas. In Korea is Christmas like valentine's day. So girls meets their boyfriends and guys meets their girlfriend and go for date. We went also for 'date'. We ate delicious Pakistan food and went to Namsan tower. The line was soooo long and it consisted of couple couple couple couple me and you, couple couple, couple.... It was so cold, but we took cable car and it was so nice. Then we even came to ahjussi to draw picture of us. Little bid expensive, but fun! And of course i will never forget your moslim style^^
Even we visited Children museum and Folk national museum. It was really nice. Little bit small, but nice.
Then new year came. That day we went to Boss bar. Celebrating was not much in Korea. But i was with you so i was happy:) Then Solnal came. We got huge stuffed animal from our imo. It was so nice, but still i have no idea how i will take it back home.
And do you remember snow? It was your first time seeing snow in your life. You were so happy and cute when was snowing. I remember when i woke up in the morning and it was snowing and i text you "Galiiiim, its snowing!" 
And when we went to Changdokgung also with Alice. It was so nice time. Panda 3mari. I will never forget about our crew!^^ Panda 3mari will be always together! No matter how far we are from each other! Our dark circles are so strong haha:))
Or our trip to 3D museum. You know, i always wanted to go there. But my friends were always busy or they already went there. But after all, it doesnt matter. Going with you it was much more fun. But we didnt go to the one in Busan.. Never mind. We can go next time:)
Then our last week.. We went to Yoido, cycling next to Hangang on couple bicycle was so fun! Our BMW. Drinking beer with dry octopus next to the river.. Stealing playground to kids just to take pictures. So much fun! And then going to 63 building. So nice time..

And then.. Our last weekend came.. I think we couldnt spend it better! Trip to Busan. It was my best trip in my life, cuz i went with my friend. Going there with you was really nice. I will always remember that. Even if it was raining, we went there. We met Hyangkinam and went to see Busan Tower, Gwangalli beach, drinking beer till late night, breakfast in Hollys coffee with view to beach, walking around Haeunde, visiting Busan aquarium, drinking coffee in Busan streets, waiting 5 hours for KTX to going back to Seoul.. Awesome time!! Awesome YOU! 
I met too many people in my life, but no one of them gave me too much memories in such a short time. I will never forget  this awesome girl in my life. She became the most precious person for me. Our everyday studying, cooking class at school, visiting nice places in Seoul.. If i was not good friend sometimes, im so sorry. You will be always the best person in my life. Today, i knew it was our last day together here in Korea, that tomorrow you have to leave to China. You know, since the morning when it came to my mind i wanted to cry, but i was strong saying to myself its not that im losing you, it just has to be like that and we will meet again. I know, but somehow now my life in Korea will not be that nice like it was with you, my friend. There are still many things i want to tell you, many places i want to visit with you.. But time doesnt allow it for now. Anything happen, tell me. If you have problem, tell me even if i cant be with you in person, ill be always in your mind. Always for you.. 
I love you so much.. my best friend
It's not the end of our story..

streda, 21. marca 2012

TrickEye Museum [3D Museum]
Few weeks ago we went with my friend to 3D Museum. I wanted to go there since i came to Korea first time but i still didnt have time or my friends already went there. So finally I went there too! 
Well, it was not how i expected it would be but it was pretty good still. 
When i sent pictured to my mom she was surprised how its possible and she thought i was always holding something in my hand. But no, its painted on the wall hehe

 Ok this one a bit pervert. But it was not intention haha. Its funny tho

 Even you could try Greek clothes and take picture. We tried. It was nice! 

Well, since we are in Korea. This is again one of the places that are good for date. So u can expect how many couples we met there. Luckily i was with my "girlfriend" :D

pondelok, 12. marca 2012

창덕궁 [Changdeokgung palace]
So finally i visited Changdeokgung palace! We went with my two friends two weeks ago. That day was really cold. I didnt realize that so i just put really thin jacket so i was kinda freezing. But thats okay palace is really nice!:) Its said Changdeokgung palace is the most beautiful palace among 5 royal palaces. Well, i can say its true:) Its really beautiful, but my fav one will be still Gyeongbokgung^^ i have nice memories from there. 
Anyway.. in Changdeokgung palace i met one american guy and we were talking a bit and when he asked me where i am from and i said Slovakia, he said his girlfriend is from Slovakia. I was really surprised haha world is so small. He said she is from Kosice.
Anyway back to the palace. The ticket price was just 3000won which is really cheap. But if you want to go to Howon garden, u need to buy special ticket and u can go just with a guider and group and the lady said it was impossible that time cuz there was no group. So we didnt see secret garden~ and i was so excited for that. Never mind, next time i will do my best to see it:)
There were many tourists especially from Japan. They were always so kind when we asked them to take picture for us. And there were also a lot of Korean children. I think its really nice when parents take them to this kind of places when they are young. Its very nice and good place for small family trip:)
I hope to go there again. Of course when weather is not that cold haha^^

with my friends Galim and Alice:)

piatok, 2. marca 2012

StudioC Concert
So two weeks go on monday i went to StudioC concert (well i think it was 2 weeks ago). It took 5 hours. Seriously, i've never been at that long concert... not that im complaining :P 
5 hours looking at Zico from Block B is not bad, right? haha I think my life is complete now and i can die happy~ ^^ 
Well, as you know Zico is StudioC MC together with Shorry J and SangChu (Mighty Mouth). I think three of them are perfect combination for MCs. They are soooo funny. For my luck (finally i got some) we were in the first line in front of the stage so i saw all really close and stage was not that big so it was okay.
As first did performance MBLAQ. They sang It's War and 낙서. Performance was pretty good.
Ehm.. I touched SeungHo's hand. His hand is so soft, like baby.. ehm :D
Other performances were by CHAOS, Brian Joo, Sunny Hill, Dal Shabet, LED Apple etc etc. 
So in the morning we went to school and right after school so tired we went to concert. Seriously it was really fun but i was so tired that after some hours i just wanted to go home sleep :D
The performance i liked the most was Brian's performance. I like his new song 'Let this die' so i was happy to see it life. 

The most energic performance was of course Block B's Nallina. 

If i had chance to go to such a concert once again i would go. It was pretty good. But of course i would better sleep before :D
Other videos here - youtube.com/ashlinqa