utorok, 24. apríla 2012

Namsangol Hanok Village [남산골 한옥마을]
Few weeks ago i went to Namsangol hanok village. It's korean traditional village. You can see where and how were living people during Joseon era. It's really beautiful there. I went there once before but it was evening and dark so we couldnt enjoy it well. There is one tea shop and it has nice atmosphere so i hoped to go there but then we coudlnt find it and when i asked one old men where it is he said it's just until 5pm so we couldnt go there. I hope next time:)
You can even try traditional korean games. It's so fun! I think for foreigners its even more interesting because we can experience the culture:)
You can even take a look to the houses. Even tho you cannot enter the houses you can see inside because it's open and it's really small. I was thinking how people could live there. Some rooms were really small. Normally in Korea rooms are really small, but this was extreme.
Even when i was taking picture one lady wearing hanbok came to me and she took picture with me. I didnt even ask her. It was so nice haha

After hanok village we went to coffee shop in HongDae. There is a loooot of really pretty coffee shops. This was the one we never tried. It was nice and coffee was really tasty. 
I got ice americano and my friend got hot chocolate. We even got brownie with vanilla icecream. It's really nice. So delicious. I will really miss that. I think in Slovakia we don't even have americano. These days i drink it really often. I fell in love with that these days :D
The coffee shop was right next to my friend's coffee shop and atmosphere was really nice. I love Korea's small cute lovely coffee shops. I always wonder how can they have to inspiration to make this pretty coffee shop. Korean people can make really big thing from such a small place. I really envy them. I wish we had such a coffee shop also in Slovakia. But we have just normal one. I'm not saying they are bad, but people could be more creative:)

nedeľa, 22. apríla 2012

Spring came to Seoul!
Streets in Seoul were full of beautiful bloomed trees with cherry blossoms. Thats why i love spring in Korea so much. Its just something amazing. I wish all my friends and my family could see that cuz its really beautiful. Back in Slovakia we dont have it so thats why im enjoying it as much as i can. There days trees are getting green and blossoms are almost gone. But at some places u still can see.
There were even festivals in some parts of Seoul. The most famous was in Yoido. I went there i think 3 times this year. I went even last year but there were too many people that we almost couldnt even move. This time it was just okay when i went. Festival was nice, weather was also nice. What else i can want? hehe
They were selling a lot of foods on the street also. The scary one was 'bondaegi' it was all around. Korean people like it, but i would never eat it. Its some kind of bugs and it smell so bad. I've heard it doesnt have any specific taste, but just the fact that its a bug makes me dont want to even try it. I dont care that it has a lot of proteins :D
One day we even took blanket and went for small picnic with my Norwegian friend. Then we were just sitting near river and enjoying nice weather. 
Here are some pics:)


This was just so nice and funny that i had to take picture. Group of ahjussis sitting in park with soju. 


 Weather was so nice that kids were playing in water. I wish i would be a kid too that i can play with them :D

pondelok, 9. apríla 2012

After long time we went shopping with my Norwegian friend. We went to Myeong-dong, that is big and the most favorite shopping area in Seoul. 
I wanted to take a look to Forever21 and H&M. I wanted to buy much more clothes, but then i was thinking where are can use those clothes. Because it was not for daily wearing. At least i thought so. 
Anyway. I bought really nice a cute outfit for spring. Weather is getting warmer and next week is even Cherry blossom festival next to the river so i'm really looking forward to it. I'm so sure there is gonna be too many people, but i don't care since i love cherry blossom and we don't have it back in Slovakia.
So back to the topic^^ 
The outfit i bought is this one. 
I can't help i love it so much:)
Cardigan i bought in Forever21 and shirt and scarf i bought in H&M.
Then the other thing i bought in Forever21 are shorts. I wanted one like that for some time because i saw once one girl on the street wearing those and it looked really nice.
In picture it looks weird i dont know why. Anyway its dark blue but kinda like shiny dark blue or how to explain that hehe i don't know why in the pic it came out more purple:D
Then in H&M i bought cure flower hairpin so i will use it with the outfit. I already try it and it looks nice^^
With my friend we also went to some cosmetic stores. I bought two nail polishes. The orange one is really nice! I'm using it right now haha

Then the other stuff i bought are stuff for my super demaged hair. I really didn't know what to do with that. I already used and tried everything. But now i bought in Etude House one mask and its really nice. It makes my hair so soft. But sometimes i feel like it's just soft, but doesn't help it to look healthy. But i sent it also to my mom and she love it so much that she told me to buy all that they have at store. Of course it was joke haha
Then my friend told me Innisfree is really nice store. Since i've never bought there anything i wanted to give it a try. So i went there and asked to worker if they have something for demaged hair. She gave me hair balm. So i bought and even i bought shampoo and rinse from that collection. When i came home i tried it and it's really amazing! I was so surprised. After using just once my super demaged hair looked so healthy. I'm sure before i go back to Slovakia i will buy a lot of those hehe

utorok, 3. apríla 2012

Operation Proposal [프로포즈 대작전]

The best Korean drama i've ever seen! Maybe it's because it's remake from my fav Japanese drama Proposal Daisakusen. And not even talking that Yoo SeungHo(Kang BaekHo) is main character in this drama. He is just 19 years old, but he is so talented! ..and so damn handsome.. ehm.. Anyway the other main character is played by Park EunBin (Ham Iseul). She is one year older than SeungHo and she is now student of Seogang university. This university is around 10min walking from my university. 
Anyway, Kang BaekHo and Ham Iseul were friends since they were elementary school students. They were together everyday and they couldn't imagine life without each other. But then, BaekHo come to her wedding when she is getting married with other guy. 
When her mother told him to go to car to bring some stuff, he found letter that she wanted to give him 10 years ago. When he was reading at the playground where they used to hang out together, he was crying so much (and me with him ehm. Suddenly there appear one guy that in the end he found out was his dead father. He said he is Contactor and he can send him to the past to change it and say to Iseul about his feelings. He failed once, twice, three times and more. Some things are changed, he even dated Iseul, but in the end she was still getting married with Kochi (he was their teacher). 
In the last episode Iseul got into car accident and died. BaekHo wanted to go back to the past and save her. But Contactor said its impossible to go back, if the person die. But in the end he said he can go, but he die intead of her. And since he wanted to save her, he did. He got into car accident but he didnt die because doctors saved him. But he didnt remember anything about Iseul, even who she is and why she still come to visit him and why she is still there where he is. But of  course in the end he got his memories of her back.. 
Well i think people who like korean dramas should watch this one. I strongly recommend but prepare a lot of tissues before you watch that hehe
Btw when Yoo SeungHo and Park EunBin had kiss scene in Jeju island i really wanted to be at EunBin's place. Even whole date.. ah Korean couples... ehm... :D
some other one.. not from Jeju tho.. but still envy her so much :D But they look sweet together^^

Yoo SeungHo as a army guy. I was dead! When i see some army guys walking down the Seoul streets its enough for me. Not even Yoo SeungHo wearing army uniform! *in love*

Today came to our store where i work one girl and she was wearing clothes that BaekHo bought for Iseul in the drama. When i saw that i was like oh its that! i wanted to ask her where she bought that but i was shy but she looked to nice wearing that. I want to be pretty like korean girls, i want any clothes would look good on me :D
And now.. time to watch it once again^^