utorok, 29. mája 2012

LED Apple fan meeting!
There was free LED Apple fan meeting for foreigners so me and my friend went there since we really like them. OK well i think my friend is bigger fan then me. I know more just their songs. But my friend love Keonu soooo much haha
Check in was at 1.30PM but we got inside at like 3. And even when we got inside we had to wait for maybe one hour. Then finally they came. It was really funny. First they were answering some questions that we put on the bulletin board. I didnt know what to ask so i just asked how are you haha :D 
Then they were picking seat numbers and if they picked your you went to the stage and played 'massage game' or 'pepero game' with them. I wanted my friend to go there and i hoped Keonu would pick her number but didnt. Well, they were looking at each other whole show. He is well known that he like foreign girls and they already met few times cuz she goes to their events a lot!
In the end they played two of their songs Time is Up and Sadness. I was so happy cuz i love those two songs! And after the show we went to the stage all of us and took picture with them. I also took selca with KyuMin. Well it was funny cuz my phone dies cuz no battery so i borrowed my friend's phone but im not used to it so it was uncomfy for me to take selca and its even bigger. So we were posing and i was like hm who will take it so i told him "push it" xD but i didnt like the first pic so i was like "i dont like it lets take it again" :D
Then i was talking to HanByeol like it was really fun that they did good job. I was talking to him in Korean. I forgot that he is from Australia so he was like "do you speak english?" so i was like "oh yea sure" :D so funny and then there was Keonu and my friend they were taking selca and he was to her like "how old are you?" and she was like 22 so he was like "Oh perfect we are same age then!" hahaha and then he was like "How long will u stay in Korea? How is your life here?" :D but first she didnt like her selca so we went to stand line again even if it was not allowed. But we didnt care. Then we came and KyuMin saw us and he was like eh? and i was like "we came again" :D So then i took pic of my friend and Keonu and it came out so well! They would be really nice couple hahaha i told him like "u look so good together" :D

Lucky girl i want also play pepero game with KyuMin :D
ME AND KYUMIN^^ our pretty selca. he look so good, but i look like idiot:D i dont care haha

It was so pretty event! i want to go again! There is some show in Arirang next week wednesday and my friend have some tickets so maybe we will go even tho there will be just HanByeol.. Never mind hehe:)

nedeľa, 20. mája 2012

Trip to Chilgeok
Last weekend i got chance to go to Chilgeok with my class. My classmate was supposed to go, but suddenly something came up that she couldnt go so i went instead of her. The day before i was working until 2am and 7.30 was departure. I was so freaking tired. Since i cant sleep at bus it made me tired even more. Journey took about 3 hours.
First we went to eat lunch. The guider buy it for us. That restaurant was kinda high level and the food was really delicious.
The next place we visited was church that was in Chilgeok. Me and my classmate decided to walk around a bit. It was pretty nice nature was so pretty:)
There were kids playing but interesting thing was that there were not their moms, but dads. Usually in Korea u cant see a lot dad playing with the child, while korean dads are super busy.
They were making rice cake. It was so cute little kid holding big hammer. 
Then next place we visited was korean traditional village. I really loved it there. And even that man who showed whole village to us is living there. I envy him so much. I wanna live in traditional village:)
From the village we went to visit War memorial  museum. There is also one in Chilgeok. Its really small tho. Still i was really excited because i love this kind of stuff. Museum was established in 1978 to commemorate the victory of Nakdonggang Battle during Korean war.
Even we were watching short documentary about that. 
And near the museum is bridge that was destroyed during the war and they built it again later. Next to the bridge is memorial park but we didnt go there cuz it was closed. 

After the museum we went back home..
Whole trip was really interesting. Once by the  time its nice to get out of Seoul and go to take a look at other part of Korea. Im glad that i went there. 

Spring in Gyeongbokgoong
One day i was so bored so i went to take a walkto Gyeongbok palace. The weather was so nice. I didnt care i was alone. I love Gyeongbokgoong hehe
It's spring so it makes it look even more beautiful.
Kyeonghoeru is one of my fav part of the palace.
Beautiful Hyangwonjeong. The most beautiful part of the palace. Isnt it beautiful? ^^
i asked random ajumma to take picture of me :D i look like idiot im so sorry:D

pondelok, 7. mája 2012

War Memorial Museum in Korea
I dont have other words. Its the best museum i ever went to and i dont think there is better one in the world. Seriously. We just came with my friend and we were like WOW O.O just seeing the Two Brothers statue right next to the entrance. I never saw something that amazing. I dont know if its just me and my friend, but we are really interested in Korean culture and history so we were really amazed. There are old tanks, boats, cars and other stuff that left from Korean war. Navy, Marine, Air force, Army stuff.. everything. After visiting first time i want to go there everyday. I dont care if alone, i will go there soon again!
In basement there is even stuff from Joson dynasty. Its also part of Korean history im really interested at. They show what kind of clothes they used to wear. It depends on the position of people. Each position had different clothes. 
And the 'war part' showed also pictures of people who died during the war. And you can even watch 7 minutes  4D movie. It was like roller coaster but it was really interesting. It was about Incheon landing. 
Whole this museum was so alive. They mase it really perfect! Too many 'atractions' and things to see. 
So here are some .. ehm some... pictures how it look like:) 
And im so sorry i look like idiot but i dont care :D

soldiers oh my god my passion :D
..reminds me of moment when 5 soldiers came to my work place and we were talking with them for awhile with my boss and she told them 'Our Simona really like soldiers' my face turned so red :D

We were thinking if its just some kind of performance or real. But maybe they were just special force cuz some of them were wearing the same uniform as my friend who is special force.
Anyway they were cool and they made atmosphere of the museum:)

this marine tank was really nice:) the best was that we could even go inside the boats, tanks or airplanes:)
Seriously, looking at these pictures now makes me wanna go there right now hehe
i think if someone come to Korea should definitely visit this museum.


the interested thing about the museum also was that the visitors were only foreigners (probably who are interested in Korean history), high school students who were there with their teachers and old Korean people like grandmas and grandpas. They were probably alive during the war. All that was really emotionally touching..