sobota, 9. júna 2012

Part of HongDae
Last time when i went with my friend to HongDae i just randomly took some pics of stores that are on my fav street. Usually when i go to HongDae i go to this street cuz there are a lot of pretty and cute coffee shops. We went to one chocolate shop that is there. It's pretty famous and always full. But the chocolate is so delicious so im not surprised that its famous. My fav is hot choco with vanilla icecream and Choco cake in cup. I always get this one when i go there.

  But not just that, also a lot of clothes stores are there. Most of clothes in those stores are handmade (well, at least the owners of the stores says that^^) or vintage. But the clothes are so lovely and cute that i wanna just buy all! Seriously, i wanna be rich :D 
Look at the pics! Isn't it lovely? 

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