piatok, 15. júna 2012

Top of the Seoul
Yesterday i went with my aunt to get a massage and to 63 building. I went there already few times but she didnt go there for long time so we decided to go there. My friend work there so we could see Sea world for free. When he saw we bought tickets for going upstairs to 60th floor he told me im stupid that he could give it us for free. Am i? haha well i thought he could only let us go to Sea world. Anyway.. :D
There was girl and she was doing show with seal or whats that. Seriously they were like dogs, when you train dog and then you tell him to do something he do that. I was really surprised cuz i really didnt have idea you can even train something like seal!

First in the morning before going to 63 building we went to get a massage near my aunt's home. First i was scared because everyone says its so painful in Korea. OK well, it was not the same like you are enjoying the feeling while you are getting the massage, it hurts, but not as much as people say. You can stand it. And after that you feel so relaxed. Say the truth my shoulders got much better! I didnt even feel i have it at all.. So nice feeling hehe
Then we went to her daughter's home where we had lunch. Also her daughter's friends came with their children. They are soooo lovely and cute! Even her daughter is so lovely!
We had so nice time. But playing with children is so tiring that we all just fell asleep in the end :D
And when we woke up me and my aunt went to 63 building. 
We went to see Sea World and then we went up to 60th floor. View from there is amazing. It looks everything so small! And if you go when its dark outside its even more beautiful!

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