utorok, 31. júla 2012

So yesterday was my birthday. Well, i didnt do any party or something. I met my girls and it made the day special:)
We had some coffee, then we went to eat pizza later.. later.. omg..
Anyway it was really nice. Also we had some girls talk. I got awesome super duper cute note and photo album and then accessories! Necklace and ring with owl. Someone know my obsession haha :D
Awesome time with my awesome friends! 

Thank you! 
Love you!

štvrtok, 12. júla 2012

Back to Slovakia
So 3 weeks ago i came back home. Say the truth i still didnt get used to it.. 
When i just got off the airplane and saw my mom i said "hi mom, i wanna take the first plane that will go back to Seoul now". So now i will just do my best to go back as soon as possible. Well, i will go back for sure, but i dont know yet. But in march next year i want to go to univ in Korea. I already choose which univ. I want to apply for MyeongJi university majoring in History or Korean language and literature. I didnt decide yet. My friend said History department at MyeongJi is easy. And other friend said Korean language and literature is difficult. Well, lets see:)
I miss my friends from Seoul so much! Also my lovely Korean aunt! At least we keep in touch still now. Also my Norwegian friend and others. I hope to see all of them very soon. Hoping to see them in Korea again. But the most i miss my boyfriend. Even tho we keep in touch everyday its so hard since his work makes him so busy. I can't wait for him coming to Europe^^ 
And what am i doing these days in Slovakia? Literally NOTHING. It makes me crazy. Well, i study some more Korean and i have conference next week from Korean embassy and since i can speak Korean they want me to make presentation for all the professors that will come here. Already now im really nervous! Me and speaking in front of many people doesnt match together. Not just my whole body but also my voice is shaking so much. Still i will do my best, wish me luck!
at least i have my lovely dog here:)