piatok, 3. augusta 2012

Conference in Bratislava
Last week we had Central Europe conference and many people from all over the Europe came. It was whole weekend. It was really nice. We stayed in hotel at the part of Bratislava where i was first time in my life haha.
People there were really nice and kind so atmosphere was really good:) We were listening speech from many of them and even i had my speech on sunday morning. Everyone's speech was in english, because not everyone can speak korean. But my was in Korean. I was talking why i like Korea. Im really wondering who was making video i would really like to see it ^^
Also on saturday evening we had special program where people from each countries prepared some presentation. For example people from Croatia were wearing traditional clothes from Croatia and were singing Croatian folk songs. People from Czech were dancing polka (well it was funny to see Korean people dancing polka. Of course cute haha) etc. We were singing also. Dancing too. We were singing Slovak folk songs called Cervene jablcko a Horela lipka. And then we were dancing Secret's Shy boy. OMG! It was so so bad. Well i didnt want to do it first and i was protesting a lot but people made me to do it. Other people said it was cute. Well......
Anyway I was glad i was invited to this conference. It was nice and people i met there were really nice. 
Hope to see them again very soon:)
we - kids all together:)

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