utorok, 7. augusta 2012

Small shopping
There was one t-shirt i fell in love with at the House store. So today my mom gave me money to go to buy it. But of course i finished not with only one t-shirt. I bought two. 
This one with 'green' England flag is really nice. Its the one i fell in love with. It was love at the first sight that i said i just must have it :D 
The other one is light cream color. Its really simple but very pretty. I like the button on the left side:)

Well i know they will have sale very soon as they usually do, but i just wanted to already buy it. Next time i will buy mustard-white over sized sweater and other clothes from new collection. But in this case i will wait for sale :D

2 komentáre:

  1. i like the green england flag!!! >.<
    after you purchase "over sized mustard-white over sized sweater" post on your blog, i love mustard color ;)

    1. lol i didnt realize i wrote such a sentence haha:D have to fix it:D
      sure i will post it when i buy it:)